Posted by: thefourwinds | August 20, 2008

Finally taking the plunge

I’ve toyed with starting my own blog for at least two years now.  More and more, I see a need as a writer (who’s not currently writing much) to have a consistent outlet to practice not only the craft of writing, but also to hone my thoughts and how I express them.  A blog also opens an opportunity for people to interact with my opinions, so I either have to decide whether to defend my position more clearly (and how) or whether I may need to consider altering my position on an issue. 

Now that people have actually encouraged me to start a blog (well, one person actually), and since I needed a break from all my current studying, I finally decided to take the plunge.  So here it is, world…the four winds

Since I have opinions on just about everything, I plan on commenting on just about anything you can think of.  Hence the title, since the topics could come from the four winds of the earth (I tried to use the name “Under the Sun,” but WordPress wouldn’t allow it – there must already be a user with that URL). 

And just to get in the obligatory pun on the title, I may even talk about the weather every once in a while. 

So bookmark this site, link to it from your own blogs and websites, visit often, and comment freely (but always with respect, please).



  1. Hi Greg! Great to see you’ve joined the blogosphere. Unfortunately I rarely update mine. Oh well. I’m looking forward to your articles. I like the Olympics one already! May the Lord bless you!


  2. Hey Tony! Thanks for the encouragement.

    My goal is to post an average of once a day. We’ll see just how long I can keep that going.

    Grace to you,

  3. Hey Greg! I started blogging about two months ago. Nothing earth shattering is discussed, but surf on over if you want to see updates on the girls or occasionally Chad and me. Oh, I do post a rant once in the while…my last rant (about 2 weeks ago) had to do with the frustration I feel over the Chinese Extreme Country Makeover (hey, that would’ve been a good title for the blog entry).

    God bless you and your family! Send some cold weather our way.

  4. Thanks Steph! The kids and I were just out in Phx for a family reunion, and we tried to make it cooler, but I still can’t figure out how God does it…. 🙂

    115 degrees sure felt hotter than it used to when I lived out there. I’ll be sure to drop in on your blog.

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