Posted by: thefourwinds | October 15, 2008

Two predictions about Casey Anthony

I have two predictions.  I’ve been meaning to write this post for almost two months and just never got around to it.  Unfortunately, my first prediction is already in the process of coming true, so it won’t really seem like a prediction.  Here are both predictions:

1.  It will become obvious to everyone that Casey Anthony, mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, is guilty of some heinous crime towards her daughter, probably murder.

I’m all for the legal concept of innocent until proven guilty, but I’m making a prediction here, not attempting to try her case.  I’m more than willing to believe she’s innocent if the evidence doesn’t completely stack up against her.

2.  When it is all said and done (and I mean all), Casey Anthony will get off with some measly slap on the wrist, because no one with the power to do anything about the situation will have the courage to say that women are as capable of heinous crimes as men are.

This is the sad, ugly issue here that no one is talking about.  If you don’t believe me, tell me, how much outrage has there been against Mary Winkler, the woman who murdered her husband in cold blood?  She walked away while he was still dying without ever calling for medical help, then claimed the gun went off by accident.  She fled with their children, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter (not first-degree murder), and then in court claimed that she had been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by her husband.  What was the result?  She spent five months in a county jail and two months in a mental health facility.   As of August 2008, less than three years after she murdered her children’s father, she now has full custody of those children again.  Where’s the outrage from Family Advocacy groups and children’s rights organizations? 

Had that been a man in this country who had committed that crime, he would never see those children again (actually, he’d probably never even see the light of day again). 

There are plenty more stories to choose from.  Think back to the Duke “rape” case.  Who was the one person who got off scot-free from the whole nasty affair?  The false accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum.  Actually, her stripper partner, Kim Roberts, also got off scot-free, even though there was some hushed-up suspicion that Roberts pushed Mangum into the false accusation to hide the fact that Roberts had robbed Mangum (see Who Robbed Crystal Gail Mangum?).   Sure enough, it was men who suffered all the consequences to this ridiculously false accusation.   Men like the DA, Nifong, who deserved disbarment for his “tragic rush to accuse,” but certainly did not deserve to be the only one punished out of that situation; men like the lacrosse players, who suffered far more than their share of the consequences for their hedonism.  What happened to Mangum and Roberts?  Nothing. 

That’s why I predict that, in the long run, nothing serious will happen to Casey Anthony.  Even though it will be obvious to the entire country that she did something horrendous to her daughter, she will spend a little time in jail, a little time in some mental institution, and will walk away still at a very young age, never having shown any repentance or even remorse for what she did. 

Few else will say it, but I will say it:  women are every bit as capable as men of the most heinous crimes, even against children (if you still doubt this, I suggest you begin by reading this extensive collection of studies that shows women are often as or more physically aggressive towards their male partners – this is just scratching the surface of this research).  Our judicial system (driven by our society at large) continues to let them get away with it.



  1. Most excellent post! And sadly it holds much truth . . . I am not sure why we stero type the men, just look through the news & you will see numerous woman doing awful crimes as well.

    What I am concerned about is when this is all said & done . . . say they find out she did kill Caylee . . she will do a plead of mental illiness, stress, post partum & again another individual gets away with a serious wrong. I am so tired of individuals pleading race, mental, physical, financial “reasons”.

    Unless an action was performed in self-defense ( & surely this one was not ) I do not think we should let excuses get them by . . judge them on the action!

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  2. I completely agree with you. I live in TN and heard all about the Mary Winkler case and can not believe she has gotten away with it AND got her children back. That is insane to me. I also believe Casey will get away with this and barely be punished at all. I hope we are wrong and that she gets what she deserves, but i doubt it.

  3. AMEN….I’m afraid you’re right.As a woman who has dealt with “the justice system “due to an abusive spouse,I must admit that men (even when innocent) get much harsher treatment. Also, the court will believe almost anything a woman tells them….Casey’s “mental issues” will help her avoid a long prison sentence and/or early release.

  4. Bogart, yes, the society has been taken over by radical feminism, so that simply being a man is practically a criminal act. That’s essentially why things have gotten as bad as they have. Also, most people don’t pay much attention to that insidious process, if ever, until it’s too late in their own personal lives (i.e. when it affects them personally, it’s too late to do anything about it). Our society needs women to take on feminism and expose it for what it is (unparalleled privilege rather than equality of rights).

    Ashley, I agree. I pray we are wrong, but I fear she will get a slap and no more.

    Stacy, as I told Bogart, what our society needs is courageous women who will stand up to expose feminism for what it is. It’s not an easy process, but it’s a vital one.

  5. If this bitch gets away with murder, ill be planning my next vacation in florida.

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