Posted by: thefourwinds | November 18, 2008

Published – just a tidbit

Well, it’s always nice to get “published,” even if it’s only someone answering a question.  But it’s probably the most widely read column I’ve ever appeared in.

I’m not a huge fan of sportswriter Peter King, who writes for Sports Illustrated and  I don’t really consider him a good writer, and he doesn’t seem to ever have much good football insight.  I only read his column for the sheer volume of information within, because he has managed to form good relationships with many of the NFL players, coaches, and administrative personnel. 

But because much of his material seems to be little more than pandering, when I read his columns, I usually want to respond by calling him names I shouldn’t use, and I just generally have to allow myself to cool down after reading him.  So it surprised even me when I saw something he wrote about former NFL wide receiver Cris Collinsworth (now an announcer and commentator) in King’s MMQB column ( – see Quote of the Week II on pg 2) that prompted me to ask him a sane question (did King think Collinsworth would ever consider coaching, or was he happier doing what he was doing?).

Well, if you saw King’s MMQB Tuesday Edition column, he actually responded to my question (and gave a helpful answer even):

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