Posted by: thefourwinds | April 4, 2009

What do you think? I’ll tell you!

Here’s an interesting phenomenon I noticed while perusing through a site designed for Christian singles. 

There were forums titled “Ask a Guy” and “Ask a Girl” that were devoted to allowing members to ask questions specifically to be answered by the opposite sex.  For example, one question was, “How do guys feel about girls who dye their hair?”

More often than not, on the “Ask a Girl” questions, the only guys who would chime into the discussion were asking the women who answered to clarify some part of their response. 

But invariably, on the “Ask a Guy” questions, a woman would ask a question of the guys, then 2/3 of the responses would be from women who were telling the guys who had responded why they shouldn’t feel/think the way they did. 

Look, if you want to know what I think or feel, great.  But if you’re asking me what I think or feel as a guy so you as a woman can tell me how I shouldn’t feel that way, why are you even bothering to ask?


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