Posted by: thefourwinds | July 16, 2009

Here we go again…

Here’s the latest installment on America’s War On Men:

Childless man freed after serving time for child support violations

Ok, the good news is that he was actually let out of jail.  And they finally decided to not force him to pay $16,000 that he supposedly owed in back support – for a child that was proven to be never his!

Where is the restitution from the state for the last 13 years?  Where is the restitution from the mother, who falsely claimed it was his child?  And did you see the reasoning they gave for having continually demanded the payments from him, that he had signed an “agreement”? 

I’m sure they gave him a lot of choice in signing that agreement.  I’m sure they made it easy to get the DNA test to prove that the child wasn’t his.  If you believe that, I’ve got some swampland in AZ to sell you….

The first installment of America’s War on Men showed an incredibly similar example of the obtuseness of our so-called justice system.  This is the America that feminism has brought us.  But still, very few will speak out against these happenings because it hasn’t hit close to home enough in their own lives. 

We will keep hearing about these types of incidents, because they are out there all over the place.


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