About Me

I’m Greg Demme, an adult male, a jack-of-many-trades, with an education in math, music and meteorology, but with interests in Christianity (especially apologetics and creation evangelism), education, housing, economics, politics, literature, you name it.  I homeschool my three children, something I wish I could spend a lot more time doing.  I live in the northern plains of the U.S., not because I like the climate, but because I’m coming to enjoy the small-town life more and more (among other reasons).  

I enjoy playing chess, but don’t have much time to devote to it anymore.  Besides, there isn’t a chess club within 5 hours of where I live.

Given all the time in the world, I would probably try to learn as many musical instruments as I could possibly learn (most likely going back to the saxophone, and then moving though other similar instruments – flute, oboe, bassoon – then trying to branch into some of the brass instruments, culminating some day in the (French) horn.  But I suspect that’s all a pipe dream at this point….

I also hope to earn a higher degree of some sort in theology, but circumstances are not quite ripe for that yet.



  1. hey, thanks for coming by my blog. I like yours too I haven’t had a chance to read a lot yet but like what I see. I have the same concerns about the shack but you summed them up much more precisely than I have. I really struggle when people twist one’s words when one expresses any discernment at all.

  2. Thanks Liz. The Lord has taken me through a training ground of how to respond to people (and how not to respond to people) who react badly to the truth. I’m still learning that one….

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